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December 28, 2022

2022 Celebrations: Epic hospital information system

Rising to the challenge during the launch of Epic

It’s safe to say that June 4, 2022 was a landmark day for Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS). Early that morning Epic was launch, which considered among the best hospital information systems in the world and used internationally by many top-ranked hospitals. It replaced dozens of electronic and paper systems, making every patient’s medical information available in one secure place.

After months of training and simulations, HHS’ Hamilton General Hospital was put the test when moments after the fully digital system went live a trauma patient arrive by an air ambulance helicopter and a stroke patient arrived by ambulance needing immediate intervention. Despite the significant changes in workflows, the entire team rose to the challenge.

Our year in review

In the months leading up to Epic’s June 4 launch, we shared stories about how this new system would dramatically improve the way Hamilton Health Sciences hospital information is securely accessed and shared, with many benefits to our patients, staff and doctors.

After the launch, our storytelling shifted to sharing how Epic’s many functions immediately started to benefit our health-care teams and patients. Here are some of our favourite Epic stories from the past year. We look forward to sharing even more in 2023.