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Cancer patient and research participant Dennis Campbell working in his home garden.
It’s a common misconception that there aren’t many treatment options for someone with advanced stages of lung cancer. At the age of 89, Dennis Campbell not only had options, but chose to help others by participating in a lung cancer clinical trial.
December 21, 2022

2022 Celebrations: Research and Innovation

Helping others at the age of 89

After Dennis Campbell, a lung cancer patient at Hamilton Health Sciences’ (HHS) Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre reviewed his options with his oncologist Dr. Rosalyn Juergens, who specializes in lung cancer at HHS, he decided an immunotherapy clinical trial was best route.

The thing that makes Campbell unique is his age. When it comes to clinical trials the more diverse the population, the better – and that includes age. The mean age of people with lung cancer is 70, but for clinical trials, the mean age is lower. Campbell is 89 years old. To have people his age in a trial helps doctors gauge if that treatment may be a good option for their older patients too.

Our year in review

It’s a challenging time in health care. As a result, our research and innovation teams are working hard to find solutions for our patients, community and people around the world. Some unique innovations came to light as a result of the pandemic that continue to make a difference. Plus, we’re exploring different ways to reduce surgery wait times as well as how artificial intelligence can play a role in creating change for the better.

We continue to be a top 5 research hospital in Canada with many discoveries over the past year. These include preventing complications after surgery, identifying alternatives to opioids and safer options for cardiac patients. Take a look at some of our work from 2022.