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National Nursing Week is May 9-15. This year’s theme is #WeAnswerTheCall. Meet some HHS nurses who go above and beyond.
May 10, 2022

#WeAnswerTheCall: National Nursing Week is May 9-15

National Nursing Week takes place from May 9-15 this year. The theme chosen by the Canadian Nurses Association is #WeAnswerTheCall. It reflects how nurses of all levels continue to serve their patients, their patients’ families, and their communities through the most challenging of times.

Nurses at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) face challenges head on. Whether it’s battling wave after wave of the COVID-19 pandemic or working through significant staffing pressures, nurses answer the call.

Every nurse remembers why they do what they do – their patients. They are strong and resilient, and they are relentless in their quest to provide expert and compassionate care to all. Their strength and dedication shines through day after day.

Here are some of their stories:

Rana Dhillon

“I answer the call by treating my pediatric patients like my own kids. Being a father has made me a better nurse, and being a nurse has made me a better father.” – Rana Dhillon, RN, McMaster Children’s Hospital

“Acute medicine nurses often care for patients who have been forgotten by many systems. We care for the vulnerable and the patients that do not fit into a box. We turn no one away. The acute medicine nurse sees a patient in their entirety and provides care to the whole person.”– Meghan McBride, RN, Hamilton General Hospital

Carolyn Notarandrea

Carolyn Notarandrea

“We cannot change the circumstances of the patient’s admission. However, with kindness, caring, and compassion, we can positively influence their hospital experience. That’s how we answer the call.” – Carolyn Notarandrea, RN, Satellite Health Facility

Melanie standing outside, short blonde hair, black jacket, Saint Peter's Hospital in the background

Melanie Koshman

“I went into the profession because I wanted to help people, but now it feels like we are the ones who need help. I have never seen nurses so exhausted, and yet every day they come in and do their very best for their patients. I am so proud of my profession, watching nurses put themselves on the line each day for other people. As a nurse working in infection prevention and control, I do my best to support my colleagues and to protect not only patients but health care workers too, so that they can continue to answer the call.” – Melanie Koshman, RN, St. Peter’s Hospital

Becky Welsh

“The past few years have been challenging for all. I answer the call by improving access to mental health services and shaping mental health resources.” – Becky Welch, NP, Juravinski Cancer Centre

Sara May

Sara May

“It is the traits of being a nurse: compassion, empathy, selflessness, passionate and professional along with opportunity, sacrifice, tears, pride and support from my colleagues, family and friends that gave me the perseverance, strength and courage to stand up and answer the call throughout this pandemic.” – Sara May, RN, West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and St. Peter’s Hospital

Learn about National Nursing Week from the Canadian Nurses Association.

National Nursing Week is May 9-15. This year’s theme is #WeAnswerTheCall.