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nurse having a video call with a patient
A full virtual care team monitors patients recovering at home through a new HHS program that was created and tested by our researchers. Read about this and other research and innovation achievements in our 2021 round-up.
December 21, 2021

2021 Celebrations: Research and Innovation


Using remote monitoring so patients can recover from surgery and COVID-19 at home

This new program allowed enrolled patients to recover at home while being remotely monitored by our virtual care team through technology partner’s Cloud DX platform. It helped keep patients out of the hospital when space was in high demand, while still receiving the care they needed. Read about a surgery patient and a COVID-19 patient.

Hamilton Health Sciences is making discoveries through research and innovation that are transforming the way healthcare is provided locally, nationally and around the world.

HHS is recognized as one of the world’s leading health sciences research organizations, and 2021 stories highlighted some exciting projects and milestones. This included Drs. MyLinh Duong and Tim O’Shea testing an alternative, non-invasive way to detect COVID-19 with breath screening technology.

In May, we celebrated International Clinical Trials Day with multiple stories of patients participating in cutting-edge clinical trials led by HHS researchers. Each patient jumped at the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial not only for their own potential benefit, but to help others in their position.

Plus, HHS’ Clinical Stem Cell Laboratory played a key role in a groundbreaking gene therapy study for patients with Fabry disease. It could drastically improve the lives of those with the rare condition and set the stage for further testing.

2021 also spurred some innovative thinking. Dr. Kourosh Sabri fostered the idea of bringing virtual eye exams to Indigenous children in remote areas of Hudson and James Bay as part of the Indigenous Children Eye Examination (ICEE) program. The GERAS Centre put a virtual spin on their DANCE study. And two HHS ultrasound technologists designed an extended face shield for use in ultrasound across HHS.

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