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To inquire about or register for a service, email autismprogram@hhsc.ca or call 905-521-2100 ext. 78972

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Let’s Kick It!

Life Skills Play & Leisure

Is your child interested in sports? Do they have readiness skills to participate actively with their peers? This group will build upon your child’s interests and readiness skills (e.g., shooting baskets, kicking a soccer ball) by helping them learn to communicate with their teammates, work together (e.g., passing the ball to score a goal), and be a good sport (e.g., winning or losing) while playing various team sports. Parents/caregivers will participate along with their child to support them to practice the strategies taught. This group will be facilitated by Autism Therapists with supervision for an OAP Clinical Supervisor.

  • Age Group Grade 1-4, Grade 5-8
  • Service Type Fee-Based Services, Group Programs
  • LevelB, C
  • Includes

    • 8 1-hour sessions
    • Parent/caregiver training
    • All materials will be provided
    • Summary report
    • Available in-person

  • DateMondays from 6:00-7:00 p.m.
    July 22 to September 23
  • Cost$1,500

Secret Agent Society


Secret Agent Society is a spy-themed group-based cognitive behavioural therapy program for kids 8-12 years old that targets emotional regulation and social functioning. It teaches children how to: recognize emotions; express their feelings in appropriate ways; cope with feelings of anger and anxiety; communicate and play with others; cope with mistakes, transitions, and problems; prevent and manage bullying and teasing; and acknowledge their personal strengths. This group involves child and parent/caregiver participation. This program is facilitated by Autism Therapists and supervised by a Registered Psychologist. A screening will be completed in order to determine whether this group is clinically appropriate. Parents/caregivers who are interested should contact us by July 31st to book a screening appointment.

  • Age Group Grade 5-8
  • Service Type Fee-Based Services, Group Programs
  • LevelC
  • Includes

    • A 90-minute parent/caregiver information session
    • 14 weekly 1-hour child sessions immediately followed by 30-minute parent/caregiver sessions
    • Access to the SAS Digital Headquarters and Mentor Portal for 1 year
    • Virtual Service
    • Register by July 31, 2024

  • DateProgram to begin Fall 2024.
    Dates and times to be determined.

  • Cost$4,800