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Our Organization

Hamilton Health Sciences is a community of 15,000 staff, physicians, researchers and volunteers that proudly serves southwestern Ontario residents. We also provide specialized, advanced care to people from across the province.

We’re the only hospital in Ontario that cares for all ages, from pre-birth to end-of-life. We offer world-leading expertise in many areas, including cardiac and stroke care, cancer care, palliative care and pediatrics.

We are a world-renowned hospital for healthcare research. We focus daily on improving the quality of care for our patients through innovation and evidence-based practices.

As the largest employer in the Greater Hamilton region, we play a vital role in training the next generation of health professionals in collaboration with our academic partners, including McMaster University and Mohawk College.

Accreditation Canada Seal For the third consecutive time, Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) has been Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada. Learn more about our standing.

Our Mission, Vision, Values

Vision: Best care for all

Mission: To provide excellent health care for the people and communities we serve and to advance health care through education and research.


  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Innovation
  • Accountability

Our Strategic Plan

Hamilton Health Sciences’ Strategic Plan is our North Star. It guides the decisions we make every day about how to invest our precious time and resources, helping us deliver unparalleled value to the communities we serve, now and for years to come.

Our strategy is making it possible for HHS to be: a hospital where everyone is a problem-solver; a hospital that operates as one seamless system, both within and beyond our walls; a hospital that contributes to a healthier community; and, a hospital that is synonymous with innovation and collaboration.

As we continue to evolve to adapt to an ever-changing environment, so will our strategy. Our 2018/19 strategy includes new initiatives and strengthened metrics to mark our progress. For the first time, we have also identified four strategic directions, which represent the most important transformations we are pursuing as an organization. What has not changed are the pillars that drive our collective efforts.

These are:

  • Patients
    Provide an excellent patient and family experience every time.
  • People
    Engage, empower and enable our people to deliver on our mission.
  • Sustainability
    Meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve now and in the future.
  • Research, Innovation and Learning
    Lead in research, innovation and learning for the benefit of our community and the world.

Read our Corporate Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Directions

These are the most important transformations we are pursuing as an organization.

  • Operational Excellence
    Operational excellence is the outcome of our relentless determination to align Hamilton Health Sciences’ strategy, systems, tools and culture in the pursuit of improved value for our patients and families.
  • Enterprise Approach
    Our enterprise approach is the ways in which we think, act and problem-solve together as a well-coordinated system of hospital services, proving Hamilton Health Sciences is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    Our strategic partnerships are those we have forged to find solutions to the big, complex challenges that Hamilton Health Sciences simply cannot tackle alone. These partnerships are based on the mutual belief that partners who share resources and risks will achieve better results.
  • Population Health
    Population health is about creating a healthier community. It takes into account the factors that determine a person’s well-being – such things as income level, housing stability, education and more. It guides our work with health and social service providers to support people who are most at risk of disease or preventable hospital stays.

Our History

View a brief timeline of Hamilton Health Sciences‘ long and distinguished healthcare history.