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Executive Compensation

Hamilton Health Sciences is committed to be being open and transparent with the communities we serve. Posting information on our executive compensation structure is part of this commitment.  In accordance with the 1996 Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario are required to disclose the names, positions, salaries and taxable benefits of employees who earn $100,000 or more within the calendar year.  The most recent disclosure can be found on the Government of Ontario website.

Executive Compensation Disclosure

Executive compensation is based on the complexity of the role played by Hamilton Health Sciences in the healthcare system, comparable positions and the requirements of the position. Hamilton Health Sciences is one of Ontario’s largest and most complex healthcare systems. We’re also a leading teaching and research hospital in Canada, and one of our region’s largest employers. At HHS, strong leadership is an essential component of providing the best patient care.

Hamilton Health Sciences’ executive compensation structure is as follows:

Executive Grade

Salary Range

Minimum to Maximum

Performance Variable Pay Monthly Car Allowance Standard Executive Benefit Package
President & Chief Executive Officer $560,700 to $758,700 Up to 20% $960 Yes
Executive Vice President $332,000 to $449,200 Up to 15%
Vice President 1 $259,300 to $350,800
Vice President 2 $223,600 to $302,600


The President and Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) employment contract is available below:

Tracey MacArthur – President & Chief Executive Officer (effective April 15, 2024)