Palliative Care

Lindsey Hornblower


Palliative care services are directed to patients and their families/circle of supporters and respects that everyone approaches death from their own unique perspective based upon their individual values, spiritual beliefs, cultural roots, family dynamics and life experiences. Palliative Care is active care which focuses on maintaining the quality of life, comfort, autonomy and dignity of each patient through the prevention, assessment and management of potentially distressing symptoms.

Palliative care can be provided in all phases of illness, from early in the course of illness to bereavement. It is recommended that patients begin receiving palliative care support as early as possible, even at the time of diagnosis.

Referring a Patient

Any individual in a patient’s care, who has obtained appropriate patient / substitute decision maker consent, may make a referral:

  • Family Physician
  • Specialist Physician
  • CCAC Case Manager or community based health care professionals
  • Health care professionals from Hospital or Long Term Care
  • Family member or friend
  • Self-referral

Urgent admissions from home to the St. Peter’s Palliative Care Program can usually be arranged within 48 hours following a referral.