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Clinics and Services

The Centre for Healthy Aging and its services focus on the healthcare needs of seniors who come to Hamilton Health Sciences for treatment of diseases and disabilities related to aging. We offer a shared-care model with family doctors and other service providers. Our goal is to help our patients continue to live safely in their home environment. We offer a range of seniors’ services through clinics, home visits, and consultation services to long-term care facilities. We are dedicated to delivering evidence-based, family and patient-centered care.

Geriatric Medicine & Home Visiting Services

Our primary clinic location is at Hamilton Health Sciences’ St. Peter’s Hospital site.

Our team of geriatricians, case managers and nurses work together to provide assessment, case management and follow-up for patients 65+ experiencing any of the following:

  • confusion
  • memory concerns
  • dementia diagnosis and management
  • functional decline and frailty
  • falls and balance instability
  • mobility changes
  • bone loss and fragility
  • complex medication review
  • multiple emergency room visits

Home visits are available only for housebound patients.

Geriatric Psychiatry Services

Our team of geriatric psychiatrists and case managers provide specialized consultation, assessment, treatment and management. Eligible patients include those aged 65 and older with moderate to severe stages of dementia/neurocognitive disorders or mental illness who reside in long-term care facilities, or if living in their own home they may attend a clinic appointment.

The team’s focus is on patients who:

  • risk harming themselves or others
  • risk being aggressed by others
  • exhibit challenging responsive behaviours not well managed by interpersonal interventions (IPI) and environmental interventions (EI).
  • management of mental illness (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, etc.)

Clinic appointments are available for patients who are able to safely attend.