Providing Virtual Care

Virtual Care is a healthcare delivery model that enables patients to have access to care outside of the hospital environment. It encompasses all of the ways healthcare providers interact remotely with patients through the use of technology or other forms of communication.

We recognize that many clinics quickly mobilized to provide virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic. To support our teams, the HHS Virtual Operations team has created a Virtual Visit Playbook. This Playbook is an all-encompassing document for a standard approach to virtual visits at Hamilton Health Sciences HHS. it includes all relevant information related for leaders, providers and administrative support.

Section 1: Virtual Visit Pre-Requisites identifies core requirements to successfully integrate virtual visits into a clinic’s service delivery model. This section is specifically designed for clinic leadership to most effectively operationalize virtual care.

Section 2: Virtual Care Process provides a fulsome overview of the standardized approach to booking, scheduling and conducting virtual visits at HHS. Standard Work is also available linked within the document to guide clinics, providers and administrative support roles with these processes.