Cardiac Health & Rehabilitation Clinic

The Cardiac Health and Rehabilitation Clinic (CHRC) at Hamilton General Hospital is an outpatient rehabilitation program for patients recovering from cardiac events such as cardiac surgery, angioplasty or heart attack. The CHRC also accepts referrals for patients who may be at high risk for a cardiac event.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program of education, counseling and exercise to help patients recover after a heart attack or other heart conditions. It is a place for patients and their families to learn, get support and make healthy choices and live life to the fullest.
Research shows that cardiac rehab helps to:

  • keep patients safe and help make them strong
  • return patients to the activities they enjoy
  • improve how patients feel in mind and body

Our multi-disciplinary team includes physicians, nurse, dietitian, social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and clerical staff, who work together to help patients recover while reducing their risk for future heart problems.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is offered through virtual as well as in-person group classes.

Please note that you require a referral from a physician to be seen at the clinic.

What to Expect

This program is for you if you want to develop skills to take care of your heart. At the CHRC, you can choose the tools that will help you achieve your goals for a heart healthy life. These include:

  • a health assessment, which may include a stress test
  • learning and addressing your cardiac risk factors
  • goal setting skills to improve your quality of life with heart disease
  • a personalized exercise program, and support to exercise at home or with our community partners
  • smoking cessation support
  • group education sessions on topics such as: your heart, medications, heart healthy eating, coping with stress, feeling well, exercise safety, and symptom management.
  • individual counselling with team members, if required

Our program is offered through virtual as well as in-person group classes. To learn more about virtual visits, see the Virtual Care Patient Handbook.