DRIVE (SPARK Funding Grant)

HHS DRIVE is a platform designed for our people, to help our community of health-care providers, staff and patients. We are dedicated to accelerating the translation of innovative ideas into tangible solutions that improve patient outcomes and advance health care. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse community of health innovators, recognizing that the best ideas come from a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Our DRIVE team is ready to answer any questions about the platform. Please reach out to Andrea Lee at

SPARK Funding Program

Announcing the 2024 SPARK Funding Competition

Hamilton Health Sciences recognizes the transformative power of innovation in healthcare. We understand that many of our staff have incredible ideas that could revolutionize the way we deliver care. However, we also acknowledge the challenges in bringing these ideas to life. The SPARK Funding Competition is designed to support and promote innovation and commercialization efforts within our hospital community. We aim to create a culture where all staff members feel encouraged and empowered to share their ideas for improving healthcare.

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Application Process:

The application process has two phases, beginning with submitting an expression of interest form. This form will be reviewed for feasibility, and proposed impact. Select applicants will then be invited to complete a full application, which will consist of a comprehensive breakdown of your proposed innovation, its problem fit and solution impact, and your plan for market implementation. Shortlisted applicants are expected to make their best effort to attend our six-week Health Innovation Bootcamp series, in collaboration with The Clinic at McMaster, scheduled for May – June 2024. This will help prepare you for the full application submission and the opportunity to pitch to the review committee.

This application will be reviewed by our board of directors, which consists of a diverse panel with backgrounds in health sciences and academia, clinician entrepreneurship, research translation, innovation incubation, venture capital advisory, law, intellectual property, and product manufacturing.

Two winners will then be thoughtfully chosen to receive up to $50,000 per year, along with a range of support services. Please note that funds cannot be used for research trials; they are intended to help develop and scale your innovation’s commercialization strategy.

By participating in this initiative, you will have access to resources including funding, mentorship, and guidance to take your ideas from conception to commercialization. We will work with you to develop your ideas, refine your business plans, and connect you with partners who can help bring your innovations to market. This initiative is not just about individual success; it is about creating a community of innovators who can work together to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges. Together, we can drive positive change and make a real difference in the lives of our patients and community.

If you have an innovative idea that could transform healthcare, we want to hear from you! We are committed to providing the support and resources you need to turn your idea into a reality.

Our DRIVE team is ready to answer any questions about the program. Please reach out to Andrea Lee at

Discover the Achievements of Our Inaugural SPARK Funding Competition Winners

Dr. Catherine Demers, Founder of Corlibra:

Corlibra aims to empower individuals living with heart failure by revolutionizing in-home disease management. Their innovative, cost-effective solution provides a simplified approach tailored to the unique needs of older individuals. Corlibra’s dedication to enhancing heart failure self-management reflects the essence of our mission at HHS DRIVE, where innovation meets inclusivity in the world of health care.

Dr. Aleksa Cenic, Co-Founder of VIVO Surgery:

VIVO Surgery has a visionary approach to transforming surgical education. Their cloud-based platform offers a live, high-definition, multi-view video display from an operating theatre to more than 30 remote locations. This innovative platform delivers a secure, zero-latency livestream, enabling surgeons to learn new procedures interactively. Surgeons can ask questions and receive responses in real-time, fostering a dynamic learning experience.

To date, our teams have worked alongside the Research Development & Innovation Office to develop a commercialization plan and access a robust network of mentors and resources.