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Gynecology Surgery (Inpatient)

Gynecology surgery takes place at McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC) and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (WLMH). Many patients can go home the same day of their surgery. If you require inpatient care, you will stay on ward 4B if your surgery is at MUMC or the obstetrical unit if your surgery is at WLMH.

A team of people provide your care. The members of your health care team may include:

  • You, your partner, support persons and family
  • Health care providers such as your gynecologist, hospital nurses, social worker, pharmacist, or dietitian
  • Support staff such as the business clerk and environmental aide
  • Supervised students and health care professionals in training

We encourage you to be an active member of your health care team. You can be involved by:

  • Sharing information about your health
  • Telling us your wishes
  • Learning about your health and taking care of yourself
  • Letting us know what information or help you need