Having Your Baby

Welcome to the Women’s Reproductive Health and Newborn Care Program.

We care for families during labour, delivery and after your baby is born. Our approach is family-centred care. This means that you, your baby and your family are the focus of our care. We care for you together, so that you and your family can form a strong bond with your baby. There are times, however, when health concerns arise and we need to care for a mother and baby separately.

Care We Provide

McMaster University Medical Centre

  • Obstetricians, midwives and family physicians deliver babies in our modern facilities.
  • Approximately 3,000 babies are born here each year.
  • We consider ourselves part of your decision-making team.
  • Pain management is your choice.
  • We are baby-centred and have lactation consultants to help with nursing.
  • We are the regional referral centre for high-risk pregnancies.
  • Our doctors are specially trained in maternal fetal medicine.
  • We have a critical care unit specifically for women next to labour and delivery to ensure women are provided the best care at all times.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

  • Approximately 750 babies are born here each year.
  • Obstetricians, midwives and family physicians care for patients in a community centre close to home.
  • We consider ourselves part of your decision-making team.
  • Pain management is your choice.
  • We are baby centred and our nurses are specially trained to provide lactation supports.

Labour & Delivery: When to come to the hospital

Call the Labour and Delivery Unit and come to the hospital if:

  • your contractions (labour pains) are regular or uncomfortable
  • your water has broken
  • you have bleeding from your vagina
  • there is a change in how often your baby is moving
  • you have blurry vision or see spots before your eyes
  • you have been in a car accident, fallen or been injured, even if you think it is minor
  • you have one or more of these signs of preterm labour:
    • regular contractions or tightening of your uterus
    • cramps like a period or a low, dull backache
    • an increase or change in your vaginal discharge (watery, mucousy or bloody)
    • abdominal cramps, with or without diarrhea
  • you are concerned about yourself or your baby

Please call before coming to the hospital so that we can get ready for you.

MUMC: Call 905-521-5050 for the Labour and Delivery Unit.

WLMH: Call 905-945-2253 ext. 11350 for the Labour and Delivery Unit.

High Risk Pregnancy (McMaster University Medical Centre)

If you need to be admitted to monitor you and/or your baby during your pregnancy, you will be brought to the Women’s Health Unit, located in Ward 4B at McMaster University Medical Centre. Here our team of healthcare professionals will care for you and provide health teaching to support your pregnancy.

Directions to the Women’s Health Unit (4B): Keep right off the elevator and before the large glass walkway. Follow the signage past Ward 4C. The in-patient unit is located behind the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic.

Women's Health Critical Care (McMaster University Medical Centre)

If at any point during your labour, delivery or after your baby is born you require specialized care, you may be transferred to our Women’s Health Critical Care Unit. Here you will have close monitoring by either our Critical Care or Labour & Delivery nurses as well as a team of experts to support all of your care needs.

Directions to Women’s Health Critical Care: Keep left off elevator and take hallway past Labour & Delivery. Entrance to the unit is on the right past Labour & Delivery.

Preferred Accommodation Forms

The following documents outline the steps to request preferred accommodation for your hospital stay. These documents and the submission instructions below are relevant for families receiving care at both West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and McMaster University Medical Centre.

Info Sheet: Requesting A Hospital Room
Preferred Accommodation
New Beginnings Suite Form (only fill this out if you wish to pay to stay in this room at McMaster University Medical Centre)

Please fill these forms out and email them to PreferredAccommodation@HHSC.CA or mail them to:

McMaster University Medical Centre
Preferred Accommodation Coordinator
2L Admitting
1200 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3Z5


Printable Hospital Forms

Preoperative Questionnaire

Please return this to your care provider or bring it with you to hospital.

Patient Information about Erythromycin
Patient Waiver for Erythromycin

COVID-19 Notice & Resources

COVID-19 Notice: Two accompanying family members/caregivers will be permitted to support the patient during their labour and birth. This includes support for the patient post-delivery as long as her baby remains with her at the bedside. At this time, the support people may come and go from the hospital. For babies who require a higher level of care, they may visit the baby within the visiting guidelines for NICU. All patients and family members/caregivers should come to the hospital prepared with items they will need for their stay. This should include clothing, electronics, non-perishable snacks and toiletries that will last the duration of the stay (typically 1-3 days).

Resources: Having a baby during COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Expecting Mothers
Planning for birth
Packing list
NICU general information
Infant feeding with possible covid