Body image

Let’s talk about body image and celebrating you

Body image is how you see and feel about your body: its size, shape and all its parts like skin, hair, eyes and well, everything. You may have lots of thoughts and feelings about your body. A healthy body image and body confidence is when you feel positive about yourself and your body. It’s common for all people to struggle to be body confident. Sometimes how we feel about our bodies comes from outside of us, like from opinions from other people or from what we see on screens. Social media, TV and movies can make it seem like our body should look a certain way. But the truth is much different.

There are many different kinds of bodies that come in many different shapes and sizes. This is body diversity. There is no such thing as a perfect body. We can achieve health at every size. Having a healthy body image means that you focus less on your body and notice all aspects of yourself like your strengths, personality and talents. Celebrate body diversity and what makes you unique. You are more than your body — much more.