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Mobility issues, orthotics and wheelchairs

Dr. Olaf Kraus de Camargo, developmental pediatrician, McMaster Children’s Hospital at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre

Over the pandemic we have been quite successful in continuing to offer virtual consults via video or phone calls, and slowly we are now reopening our centre.

Benefits to in-person appointments

Many parents are concerned about whether they should come in with their children and this concern is understandable. I would like to call attention to some situations where it would be really important for us to see your child directly, physically in the clinic.

Growing out of mobility devices

One of the groups of children that really need to be seen are those that have some mobility issues and are using any type of orthotics or seating devices or wheelchairs.

In the last five months, depending on the age, these children could have significantly outgrown their supportive devices and might need them to be re-adapted in order to prevent any damage to the skin including skin lesions.

New diagnoses

Also, we would need to see children who have been referred for a new diagnosis and are very young. We often need to see these children in person, examine them, and initiate some further investigations if the diagnosis is not clear.

And we know that the earlier these children are identified, the better the chances are for their further development, and the better we can organize further appointments and services for them.

So don’t hold back, thinking we can always schedule something virtually first and then decide if the in-person appointment needs to happen. We encourage families to please attend the in-person appointments that have been offered.