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Masking tips

Dr. Anthony Crocco, emergency pediatrician, McMaster Children’s Hospital

Today I’d like to tell you three things that you need to know about masks so you can keep yourself safe.

Masks have an inside and an outside

The first thing is that every mask has two sides. There’s an outside that faces the world around you and an inside that should only ever touch the area on your face around your nose and mouth.

Never touch the inside

The second thing I want to tell you is that there are areas that should never touch the inside of your mask. These include your neck, your forehead and your hands. It’s very tempting to want to sneak your hands inside your mask but when you do that, you contaminate yourself.

Store your mask properly

The third thing I want to tell you is how to store your mask properly. If you’re going to store it on a surface, make sure you store it with the dirty side down. Don’t store it with the clean side down because then it will get contaminated. Your other option is just to hang your mask.

Thank you very much and stay safe.


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