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Your Symptoms Matter

Click here to access the Symptom Assessment Tool

What is a Symptom Assessment Screening Tool?

A symptom assessment screening tool is an electronic form that asks questions about how you are feeling on the day of your appointment. This screening tool will ask questions about specific side effects that people living with cancer may experience. Your cancer team will review your answers during your clinic appointment. This is a fast and easy way for you to let your team know how you are doing and allow them to recommend the best care based on your symptoms.

How do you complete it?

We recommend this symptom assessment be completed at home prior to your clinic visit by going online to this link: Completing the assessment at home helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Alternatively, when you come for your clinic appointment, your cancer care team will ask you to complete a symptom screening assessment on a computer or tablet in the clinic waiting area of the Juravinski Cancer Centre.

You will be asked to rate the different symptoms that you may have. Completing the Symptom Assessment Screening Tool is one of the best things you can do to help us to support you!

Please discuss your symptoms with your health care team so they can understand how you are feeling and help you.

Did you know?

By completing a symptom assessment, you will help us understand how you are feeling each time you come in. We can compare this to your symptom assessments in past visits. We can identify problems, offer help and when needed refer you to other health care providers to help you manage certain symptoms.