The Poplar St. parking lot at the Juravinski Cancer Centre is closed from June 3 to September 27. Click here for more info.

Core Laboratories

A Core Laboratory is located at the following hospitals: Hamilton General Hospital, Juravinski Hospital, McMaster University Medical Centre, and St. Joseph’s Healthcare. There is also a small core laboratory located at the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Centre for Ambulatory Health Services (King Street campus) and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. The Core Laboratories perform Core Clinical Chemistry and Core Hematology testing.

The Core Laboratories have a team including a Manager, Supervisor, medical laboratory technologists, senior medical laboratory technologists, and medical laboratory assistants. Professional staff support for the Core Laboratories includes clinical chemists, medical biochemists, and hematologists.

The Core Laboratories at our larger hospital sites operate 24/7. They consist of high volume and rapid testing, and provide results to Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, hospital inpatients and hospital clinic patients.


Hamilton General (HGH)

24 hours

905-527-4322 x46173

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Clinic (JHCC)

24 hours

905-527-4322 x42048

McMaster Children’s Hospital (MUMC)

24 hours

Direct: 905-521-5022

905-521-2100 x75022

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH)

24 hours

905-522-1155 x36023

Urgent Care King St. Campus

Monday to Sunday, 0800 – 0000

905-522-1155 x34822

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (WLMH)

24 hours

905-945-2253 x251