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Internationally Educated Nurse Integration Project

The Government of Ontario, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MCTU) has approved funding for the Hamilton Health Sciences’ Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) Integration Project, for the next three years, 2018-2021. The Project has previously been funded for the period 2009-2018 by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI).

This workforce integration project targets two groups:

1. Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs)

2. IENs with English as a first language

The Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) Nurse Integration Project will help registered nurses and registered practical nurses fully integrate into Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) hospital and other healthcare organizations. The Project will provide IENs from pre-hire, through orientation, to clinical integration, a continuum of clinical (hard skill) and communication (soft skill) support including clinical assessment, clinical skills development, problem solving, improved communication skills, team relationships, professionalism, and managing conflict in a hospital setting and workplace exposure opportunities.

The Project team developed a Community Collaboration Employment Model for bridging the gap for IEN nurses working with the following partners: Mohawk College’s Bridging for International Educated Nurses (BIEN), Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses (CARE), Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI) and McMaster University Nursing Health Services Research Unit (NHSRU).

Project Objectives

  • Develop/adapt, deliver and evaluate between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2021 a Project to support the successful workplace integration and retention of 100 IEN nurses into Hamilton Health Sciences hospital and other Ontario health care facilities
  • Develop a continuum of workplace integration tools and processes for IEN nurses, particularly new hires practicing in a hospital setting.
  • Build the informal mentorship and coaching capacity of up to 50 front line registered nurses, Clinical Managers to act as preceptors to support the clinical integration of IEN nurses

Project Activities

  • Effective Communication Strategies for Nurses, Advanced Course (ECSN), April 6 – June 29, 2020, currently enrolling IENs
  • Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion – Cultural Module Training, TBD
  • Job Coaching, Resume Review, Interview Preparation, ongoing
  • HHS Job Shadowing, ongoing
  • Effective Communication Strategies for Nurses, Advanced Course (ECSN), January 14-March 17, 2020
  • Lunch and Learn -Topic: Diabetic Education Sessions, Lisa Maks, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Juravinski Hospital, Dates: Jan 27: 1300 – 1500 hours, Jan 29: 1300 – 1500 hours, Feb 4: 1300 – 1500 hours, Feb 7: 1300 – 1500 hours, Feb 27: 1300 – 1500 hours
  • Telephone Tactics Workshop, February 20 and February 27, 2020, scheduled
  • Physical Assessment and Nursing Skill Sessions at the Learning Resource Centre, Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, ongoing
  • HHS – attendance at the Second Day of the HHS Nursing Orientation, once monthly as per schedule

Media Coverage


Katerina Bukshtynova – IEN Participant says:

“I am now living my dream working in the dynamic environment of OR and I know I am not alone, I can always count on the support of my Clinical Integrator”

Predrag Todric – IEN Clinical Integrator says:

“As an IEN myself, I knew that joining this project was something I wanted to do…if I can help even one nurse to make his/her integration to a new environment easy, my mission will be almost complete”

KeivanSaeedi – IEN Participant, Future Clinical Integrator says:

“Before I found this program, I was discouraged by the process of getting registered as a nurse.  Now, I’m able to practise in Canada, and I’m on my way to achieving my goal of becoming an RN.”  Keivan is working at HHS as an RPN and is enrolled part-time at Ryerson University and hopes to graduate soon as an RN.


Hamilton Health Science’s IEN/ESL Nurse Integration Project team received the 2012 HR Summit Award for the Employer Champion of Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP)

Hamilton Health Science’s IEN/ESL Nurse Integration Project team received the inaugural 2018 Champion of Diversity Award presented by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration – January 16, 2018


For information on the project please contact:

Sarah Quan, Project Manager:
Janice Collins, Administrative Assistant:

905-521-2100 ext. 77512 or ext. 77511