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Psycho-Spiritual Care

Hamilton Health Sciences is committed to supporting the spiritual and emotional needs of our patients and their families during their hospital stay.

Our Psycho-Spiritual Practitioners, sometimes termed ‘chaplains’ are members of the healthcare team. Psycho-Spiritual Practitioners at Hamilton Health Sciences are Registered Psychotherapists through the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and accredited through the national Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC/ACSS). They offer therapeutic supports, including psychotherapy and spiritual reflection, and work closely with inter-professional teams to support whole person care.

A Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner can help you in the following ways:

  • Listen to your concerns within the confidential circle of care
  • Offer psycho-spiritual support during hospitalization
  • Provide rituals at life transitions such as birth and end of life
  • Help you access spiritual care resources and link with community faith leaders
  • Provide guidance through a crisis and life changing events
  • Provide grief support and counsel following a death of a loved one
  • Pray, meditate or reflect with you

To request the support of a Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner, speak with a member of your healthcare team.

How to contact a Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner

A Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner is available Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. To contact a Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner, please speak with a member of your healthcare team. You may also send a non-urgent email to psychospiritualcare@hhsc.ca

For hospital staff: To contact a Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner, please call hospital paging.

The Hamilton Diocese is committed to making spiritual support available to Roman Catholic patients and their families; this includes after hours support for urgent issues.

Roman Catholic patients and families can access support in the following ways:

  1. If a Roman Catholic patient has a relationship with their parish priest, they or their family are encouraged to contact their parish priest to request a visit.
  2. If a Roman Catholic patient needs the support of a priest hospital staff may contact Paging and ask them to reach out to the priest on call.
  3. Paging will contact the priest on-call supporting the hospital site where the patient is located. The priest will be patched through to the staff member who placed the call on behalf of the patient. He will assess the need and urgency for religious care support.

Spiritual Centres at HHS

Spiritual Centres are open 24 hours to patients and family members for prayer, meditation, quiet reflection and rituals such as smudging ceremonies. Spiritual Centres are located at the following hospital sites:

Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre (A1 –by the main entrance at the Juravinski Hospital, near the gift shop)

  • Hamilton General Hospital (main floor, Room 2-245)
  • McMaster University Medical Centre/McMaster Children’s Hospital (main floor, 2F by the red elevators)
  • St. Peter’s Hospital, main floor, Room 110
  • Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre (A1 –by the main entrance at the Juravinski Hospital, near the gift shop)

Community Faith Leaders

Psycho-Spiritual Practitioners are able to contact community faith leaders within various faith traditions on behalf of our patients. If you would like to make a request for a community faith leader, please ask a member of your healthcare team. 

Information for Community Faith Leaders

If you are a community faith leader and wish to contact a hospital Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner please send a non-urgent email to psychospiritualcare@hhsc.ca.

Clinical Pastoral Education

Hamilton Health Sciences offers supervised pastoral education (SPE) units. These units are offered through the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC/ACSS) which is a multi-faith organization committed to the training, formation, professional development, certification and support of people involved in spiritual care, psycho-spiritual therapy, education and research.