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Neurosurgery Outpatient Clinic

We see patients before or after brain and spine surgery in an outpatient clinic setting. You do not stay overnight. Appointments can take up to one and a half hours. Please bring a current list of your medications each time you visit.

Team Members

  • Neurosurgeons
  • Doctors in training (Residents and Clinical Fellows) also see patients in the Neurosurgery clinic to help them learn how to care for patients.
  • The Secretary will inform you of appointments.
  • The Registration Clerks help manage and run the clinics. They will verify your information at your visit.

Eligibility & Referrals

The Neurosurgery program provides services primarily to the HNHB and Waterloo Wellington LHINS. Additionally they will see patients from areas where the service is limited or unavailable. A physician referral is required to be seen by a Neurosurgeon. Referrals must be sent to an individual practitioner. They can be found at the CPSO website.