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Spine Surgery Clinic

Patients are seen in an outpatient clinic setting. You do not stay overnight.

Please bring a current list of your medications every time you come to the clinic. You are welcome to bring a family member or support person to your appointment if you wish.

There is no walk-in service available. Patients are given an appointment date and time.

The Spine clinic primarily serves patients from the HNHB LHIN and the WW LHIN. A physician referral is required.

Team Members


  • Surgeons (Orthopedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons) with specialized advanced training in Spinal Surgery
  • Doctors in training ( Residents and Clinical Fellows) also see patients in the spine clinic to help them learn how to treat Spine disorders.

Physician Assistant

  • The Physician Assistant (PA) works directly with the Surgeon to complete assessments and order tests that patients may need.

Clerks/ Secretaries

  • The clerks help manage and run the clinics. You will speak to a clerk when you call the clinic. They may ask for more information, or may call you with an appointment or instructions about tests.