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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (7 South)

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (also known as 7 South) is a 3-bed mixed gender inpatient unit that monitors seizures. We provide prolonged EEG monitoring to help diagnose and treat epilepsy.

Care We Provide

During your stay, we continuously monitor and record your seizure activity. This information helps the doctor to:

  • learn more about your seizures
  • safely adjust your antiepileptic medication if needed
  • provide the best possible care for you

To record your seizures, we use a video camera, microphones and continuous EEG recording.

Patient Information

How to prepare for your visit: You will be provided with specific instructions on the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit before you are booked for your appointment. You will be given information about your stay, including date and time to arrive. Follow the instructions exactly. For more specific information, a booklet is available when you arrive to the unit.

What to bring: Please bring a current list of your medications each time you visit the hospital. Bring toiletries, comfortable clothing, and shoes you can walk in.

Visitors: Family and friends may visit you in the hospital. Visitors may be asked to step out of your room so that the staff may provide care to the patients in the room.

Devices: You may use your cellular phone. Wireless internet (WiFi) is available for a fee.

Important Note: The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit uses video recordings to help diagnose and treat patients. The room is always being videotaped which includes all staff and visitors in the unit.

Team Members

Some of the team members you may see during your stay include:

  • Doctors: Your Neurologist/Epileptologist is most responsible for your care. They may ask other types of specialists to consult on your care, as well.
  • Doctors in training (Residents and Clinical Fellows) who are training to be Neurologists and Epilepsy Specialists
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurses
  • EEG technologist
  • Unit Clerks