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Acquired Brain Injury Community Services

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Community Services is a fee for service branch of the Acquired Brain Injury Program at Hamilton Health Sciences. This community based ABI rehabilitation team provides individualized treatment programs through third-party funding from automobile insurance, disability insurance, WSIB and private payers. We work with our clients to develop meaningful goals to assist with return to school, work and life after an acquired brain injury.

Care We Provide

Rehabilitation Therapy

The Advanced Rehabilitation Therapist (ART) determines the client’s needs and goals through discussion with both the client and the client’s care team. Using this information, the ART will develop, teach, and evaluate a comprehensive community-based rehabilitation program specific to each ABI client.

These programs may include behavioural and life skills training interventions, cognitive compensatory strategy practice and implementation, as well as community re-integration. This re-integration will enable our clients to return to work, school, or leisure activities to the best of their new abilities.

Given the importance of the clinical team, the ART will consult, liaise, and collaborate between the program, health professionals, funding bodies, case managers, and physicians to ensure the entire team is informed and in agreement with the care plan.

Neuropsychological Assessments and Counselling

The neuropsychologist conducts neuropsychological assessments designed for individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. The assessment includes a file review, initial interview, one full day of testing, and a summary report.

The assessment will provide formal testing on current cognitive abilities. The testing results will assist with:

  • Determining the etiology of the symptoms
  • Providing a summary of current cognitive status and expected neurocognitive recovery pattern
  • Determining suitability to return to work
  • Determining if and/or what academic supports are required
  • Determining suitability to drive
  • Assisting with rehabilitation planning

A Neuropsychologist provides client-centered counseling with the individual and, occasionally, family members to assist with developing goals for emotional and psychological health since sustaining an acquired brain injury.

Team Members

Our psychology team consists of highly educated, certified neuropsychologists and psychometrists who are experienced in providing assessments and treatment plans for clients with various brain injuries.

Our Advanced Rehab Therapists (ART) and Rehab Therapists (RhT) have varied backgrounds including degrees in kinesiology, psychology, sociology, social sciences and health sciences. Working in the field for on average 20 years, with 187 years of experience between them, they are highly skilled, empathetic and goal focused individuals who are passionate about working with brain injury survivors.

Our Team In Action

“It took 10 years … but I just received my MBA. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without you and I thought you would want to see my Degree (a big part of it is thanks to you).”

– Our advanced rehab therapist was working with this client to help return to school post MVA. They started part time with a number of accommodations but was persistent and successful!


Our client, MI was injured at work. After intervention from our advanced rehab therapist, MI was able to transition to a new position as an Ontario Health and Safety Advocate for his company.


Will ABI Community Services help me with obtaining funding for the service I require?

Yes! We have a Community Intervention Coordinator and billing secretary who will assist in completed funding applications for your services.

I already have a case manager and OT in the community; can I have a rehab therapist as well?

Definitely! A rehab therapist will be able to work on the goals outlined by your regulated health professional in your home or community. They will connect to your OT and they work together to maximize your recovery.

I live outside of Hamilton; can I still use these services?

We service clients throughout the Central South region of Ontario. If you live approximately 1 hour from Hamilton, we can meet you where you live.

Our group, school or workplace would benefit from learning about acquired brain injuries and how to prevent them, would you be able to help?

Absolutely! We have provided education to groups, community living homes, detention centres and school programs, . Our team are experts in the field of brain injury recovery and would love to share our experience and knowledge with you.