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Stroke Rehabilitation (Inpatient)

The Stroke Rehabilitation program is part of the Integrated Stroke Program at the Hamilton General Hospital. We provide high intensity rehabilitation to patients with stroke. Our average length of stay is 22-26 days and varies based on severity of the stroke and the individual’s achievable goals.

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What to Expect

When you arrive on B2N, you will be provided with a Stroke Care Binder which is a resource for stroke and allows any information provided by your team to stay in one consistent location. We also include a general “Welcome to B2N” document that outlines the ward and important information for what to bring, what happens on the unit, and information about leaving B2N.

Welcome to B2N Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Resources

Central South Regional Stroke Network Website:


Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care:

Evidence Based Review of Stroke Rehab:

Stroke Engine:

Heart and Stroke Education:

Eligibility & Referrals

  • Patients who have had a stroke, or stroke like disease;
  • Patients who are consenting for rehab and willing to participate;
  • Patients who are able to learn and carry over knowledge;
  • Patients who are able to tolerate 90 + mins of therapy per day;
  • Medically stable; and
  • Patients who have realistic and achievable functional goals.

Rehabilitation Referral Form 

Questions about the referral process or to discuss the program can be directed to the Stroke Navigator at 905-521 2100 ext 46488.

Completed referrals can be faxed to 905-521-2359.