ALC Medicine Unit (F5)

The Medicine Unit on F5 sees patients who need an Alternative Level of Care (ALC). On F5, we care for patients who have stable conditions and no longer need acute care services. However, these conditions cannot be managed at home.

Our patients are waiting to be transferred to:

  • complex continuing care
  • a long-term care home (also known as a nursing home)
  • a rehabilitation unit
  • a retirement home; or
  • a convalescent or palliative care setting, or
  • home with enhanced supports

Patients may also be transferred to a temporary placement (also called a transitional placement) in a retirement home to await long-term care placement.

The F5 team provides daily activities and recreation for patients through the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP), including a monthly schedule of activities run by volunteers in our sunroom. Activities include games, movies, therapeutic pet visits, and music therapy.