Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic

Hamilton Health Sciences has three Orthopedic/Fracture Clinics. The Orthopedic Clinic at the Hamilton General Hospital and the Juravinski Hospital serve the needs of adult patients requiring the services of orthopedic care. The McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC) Fracture Clinic provides orthopedic care to children, adolescents and adults. For more information about the Pediatric Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic please visit their webpage.

Meet the Team

Orthopedic Technicians & Technologists
Physician Assistant
Orthopedic Fellows and Residents
Nurse Practitioner
Registered Practical Nurses
Research Assistants
Health Care Aide
Occupational Therapist
Skin, Wound & Ostomy Clinicians
Business Clerks (Front Desk)

Hamilton General Orthopedic Clinic Physicians

Dr. J. Al-Asiri
Dr. M. Denkers
Dr. H. Johal
Dr. B. Petrisor
Dr. B. Ristevski
Dr. K. Rajaratnam
Dr. D. Williams

Hamilton General Orthopedic Clinic – Spine Surgeons

Dr. D. Bednar
Dr. B. Drew
Dr. M. Pahuta
Dr. M. Zarrabian

Juravinski Orthopedic Clinic Physicians

Dr. V. Avram
Dr. K. Bali
Dr. D. Tushinski
Dr. M. Winemaker
Dr. T. Wood
Dr. P. Zecchetto

Referral Process

Adult Referral Process:

  • Direct ER and Urgent Care Centre referrals are accepted from HHS hospitals, Hagersville ER (West Haldimand), Simcoe ER (Norfolk General), and Dunnville ER (Haldimand War Memorial).
  • Referrals from West Haldimand, Norfolk General and Haldimand War Memorial ER can be faxed directly to the HHS Orthopaedic Call Centre Booking Office Fax # 905-521-5028.
  • Patient Referrals from family physicians, walk in clinics, other hospitals must be sent directly to an orthopedic surgeon’s office or the referring physician has to speak with the Orthopaedic surgeon on call to accept the referral.
  • Patients who have a confirmed diagnosis moderate to severe hip/knee osteoarthritis on x-ray are to be referred to the MSK CIAC Hip and Knee Assessment Centre. Complete the referral form and send appropriate documentation to MSK CIAC Central Intake Office at 1-888-556-0966.

Adult ER and Urgent Care Spine Referrals:

  • Non-urgent ambulatory spine referrals should be made by the family doctor direct to a spine surgeon. Symptom duration, non-operative treatment history, and imaging results are required to assess referral requests and triage them appropriately.
  • For lumbar pathology, patients may be eligible to be seen through the provincial Rapid Access Clinic, more information can be found for our regional program on our website at mskciac.ca.
  • Urgent referrals can be made to a spine surgeon at HGH for a new adult consultation. Internal HHS referrals are made through Epic and a provider must be selected. External referrals are to be made directly to the spine surgeon’s office. If you have not yet spoken to a spine surgeon, or do not know who the patient should be referred to, please connect with the spine surgeon on-call.

Please note:

  • The clinics are not for emergencies. If you need to be seen on an emergency basis please call your family doctor or go to your local emergency department.
  • Fracture Clinics do not see finger fractures. All distal to carpal bones and ligamentous injuries at the wrist are to be referred to the Plastic Surgery Department.

Pediatric Referral Process

  • Visit the Pediatric Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic webpage for more information.

Booking an Appointment

The Orthopedic Call Centre phone line is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 905-521-2100 ext. 75665. It is closed on statutory holidays.

If you receive the automated voice message, please leave a brief message with the patient’s name, telephone number, health card number and the location of the Orthopedic/Fracture Clinic where the appointment is to be booked.

If you were a patient in the Emergency Department and need to book a follow up appointment, please call the Orthopedic Call Centre the next business day to book your appointment. Please have your health card number ready when you call.

If you are a postoperative patient, you will receive an appointment from the discharging unit before you go home from your surgery, if an appointment is not provided to you please contact the Orthopedic Call Centre to schedule your appointment.

The Orthopedic Call Centre does not accept referrals from physician’s offices- they must be sent directly to an orthopedic surgeon’s office. For urgent referrals only, please page the orthopedic surgeon on call at 905 521-2100.


Hamilton General Hospital
237 Barton St E
Hamilton ON L8L 2X2
Main level, in Section W

Juravinski Hospital
711 Concession St
Hamilton ON L8V 1C3
Level 1, Section B

McMaster University Medical Centre
1200 Main St W
Hamilton ON L8N 3Z5
Level 2, Section Q (Yellow)

About your Visit

What Do I Bring?

  • Your Ontario Health Card or proof of medical coverage
  • If your injury happened at work, bring your WSIB number, the date of your injury and your employer’s name
  • If your referring physician provided you with a CD or DVD of previous imaging results (such as x-rays, CT scans or MRIs) or an access code to view the imaging please bring the disc or code to your appointment.

What to expect?

  • Upon arrival, check in at the Orthopedic/Fracture Clinic where you will be registered for your appointment by one of the Business Clerks.
  • At this appointment wait times will vary, plan for at least one hour and up to 3 hours.

When you arrive, please check-in at the reception desk. The Business Clerk will register you in the electronic system so that your team will know that you have arrived.

At this appointment wait times will vary, plan for at least one hour and up to 3 hours.

Charges for Orthopedic Products

Aircast Foam Walker  $169.00
Bandage (elastic) Tensor  $5.00
Brace-Hinged (knee)  $289.00
Brace-Hinged (elbow)  $245.00
Brace-Wrist/Splint  $35.00
Humeral Brace (Sarmiento)  $140.00
Clavicle Strap (all sixes)  $28.00
Crutches (Pair)  $39.00
Immobilizer – Knee  $62.00
Immobilizer – Shoulder sling  $29.00
Pediatric Walking Boot  $88.00
Pelvic Harness  $125.00
Splint – Ankle (ankle brace)  $89.00
FG Splint – Small  $12.00
FG Splint – Medium  $15.00
FG Splint – Large  $20.00
T.E.D Stocking – Knee  $11.00
T.E.D Stocking – Thigh/Hip  $18.00
Thumb Spica Brace  $40.00
Rhino Brace  $230.00

NOTE: Items below are Fiberglass Material

Short Arm cast (colored/specialty)  $25.00
Long Arm cast (colored/specialty)  $35.00
Below the Knee cast (colored/specialty)  $45.00
Above the Knee cast (colored/specialty)  $55.00
Cast Shoe  $28.00
Waterproof – Short Arm cast  $65.00
Waterproof – Long Arm cast  $85.00
Waterproof – Below the Knee cast  $75.00
Waterproof – Above the Knee cast  $95.00
Depo Medrol/Cortisone 40mg DIN 0030759  $25.00
Depo Medrol/Cortisone 80mg DIN 0030767  $25.00

Prices up to date March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I waiting?

  • The time you are given to check in may not reflect the time you are going to be seen by the surgeon. You should allow 3 hours for your visit including registration, x-rays, and seeing the surgeon.
  • Some patients may take longer to treat than others
  • The surgeon may be delayed
  • Ambulance patients are cared for first

Why are some patients called before me?

  • Some patients are called for another surgeon
  • Some patients are called for x-rays
  • Some patients are called to receive treatment by the Orthopedic Technologist
  • We do our best to keep all patients’ charts in order, so they are cared for in order

Does OHIP cover all my care costs?

  • Not all equipment and supplies are covered by OHIP. Some things that are not covered include: wrist splints, air casts, and fiber glass casts. Your extended health care coverage (private insurance) may pay for these. The Orthopedic Technologist will provide you with a detailed bill for those items that are not covered.