Appointments and Observership

Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton pride themselves on working with talented, innovative physicians who provide excellent care to our patients.

If you are interested in practicing at either organization, please connect with the appropriate Clinical Department to understand their current need for physicians/surgeons.

Information resources for new recruits

Your Chief’s Office will assist in preparing important items for you prior to your first day with Hamilton Health Sciences or St. Joseph’s Healthcare. If you’re looking for, or have any questions about the following items, please don’t hesitate to contact your Chief’s Office for more information:

  • ID Badge
  • Parking
  • IT Access
  • Dictation
  • Scrub Ex access
  • Work/Office Space
  • Telecommunications information
  • Training information

Faculty appointment information

For the most part, physicians at Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton hold Faculty Appointments through McMaster University.

For more information on Faculty Appointments & Faculty Relations, please visit the McMaster University FHS Faulty Relations page.


Your appointment to the Professional Staff is valid for one year (July 1 – June 30). Each February, you will receive a Reappointment Application from the Credentials office to renew your appointment for the following year.

For more information on the reappointment process, please view Credentialing Frequently Asked Questions.

To make updates to the following areas, please contact the Credentials Office:

  • Changes to Demographic Information Name
  • Personal Address
  • Business Address
  • Contact Information including valid email address
  • Changes to your CMPA membership
  • Changes to your CPSO status

For changes to your appointment or privileges, please contact your Chief’s office.


The Credentials Office processes applications for independently licensed physicians to observe a physician at Hamilton Health Sciences and/or St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

To arrange an observership, it is the observer’s responsibility to secure a Sponsor for the term of the observership. Once the Sponsor agrees to be the designated Sponsor, they will advise the observer to contact the Credentials Office to obtain the required paperwork.

Note for Observers: please do not contact the Credentials Office until you have secured a Sponsor. The Credentials Office is unable to assist with securing a Sponsor.

Eligibility for a Physician Observership

Eligible applicants for an observership include:

  • Actively practicing Canadian or International Medical Doctor
  • International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who have been accepted to the McMaster University Post Graduate Medical Education Program
  • International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who have completed the Medical Council of Canada QE1 examination (MCCQE1)

Ineligible applicants are as follows:

  • All Medical Students (CA/US/International)*
  • All Medical Residents (CA/US/International)*
  • Undergraduate students or student learners

*Medical Student & Resident placements should be supported through McMaster University’s PGME & UGME electives program.