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Support and Care for Complex Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (SCCAND)

SCCAND provides a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach for children and youth with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders experiencing complex functional and behavioural challenges, requiring consideration of psychopharmacological intervention.

Patients/Conditions To Refer

Referred children and youth should have:
1) 2 or more confirmed neurodevelopmental diagnoses, including: autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, global developmental delay, ADHD, epilepsy and learning disability;
2) have tried at least 1 psychotropic medication for a minimum of 6 weeks; and
3) who present with 1 or more of the following behaviours: aggression, irritability, hyperactivity/impulsivity, inattention, anxiety, interfering repetitive behaviours, or self-injury.

Referral & Contact Information


Phone: 905-521-7950

Download referral form and fax to 905-577-8029.

Assessment Options

  • In-person visits
  • Virtual consultations

Estimated Wait Times

variable, currently between 6-12 months